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  • Engineers Say Auto Parts Maker Traffics Mexican Labor

    Law360 (October 26, 2023, 10:26 PM EDT) -- A group of Mexican engineers accused a car parts manufacturer and two recruiting agencies of luring them to the U.S. with false promises of highpaying engineering jobs, only to force them to perform manual labor for long hours and substandard wages.

  • 'Seize the Assets and Levy the Accounts': $1.1M Judgment in Georgia

    A trio of Atlanta litigators has succeeded at securing a seven-figure default judgment against ex-NBA player Elliott L.“Dale” Davis amid allegations he pocketed a couple’s investment money. Read on for more. 

  • Lin Wood Ordered to Pay Beal Sutherland Berlin & Brown $42,500 in Attorneys’ Fees

    Read the attached Order for more.

  • Lin Wood Ordered to Pay $42,445 in Attorney's Fees

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  • Lin Wood's Contempt Costs $42K In Atty Fees On Top Of Fine

    Retired defamation attorney Lin Wood must pay three of his former colleagues $42,445 in attorney fees in relation to his social media posts about them.

  • Meet the Fulton County Judge Assigned to Trump’s Criminal Case

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  • Ex-Cop Sues West Point

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  • Ga. Cases To Watch In The Second Half Of 2023

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  • Lin Wood Asks Judge to Dismiss Ex-Partners Fraud Claim

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  • Lin Wood Can't Force Fraud Claims On Former Counsel, Client

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  • Lin Wood's Ex-Colleagues Fight Other Atty's Suit Escape Bid

    Attorneys who used to work in Atlanta with L. Lin Wood at his law firm asked a state trial court to reject a dismissal motion filed in their separation dispute case.

  • U.S. Supreme Court to hear Georgia case on gay, lesbian workplace bias

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to consider a metro-Atlanta case as it weighs whether gay, lesbian and transgender workers are protected under federal anti-discrimination laws.

  • Attorney Lin Wood held in contempt of court for denigrating ex-associates

    Atlanta attorney L. Lin Wood, who rose to national prominence representing people who felt defamed by the news media and others, has been held in contempt of court for making derogatory comments about former associates.

  • Workers Fight Kia Bid To End Labor, Pay Class Claims

    Auto plant workers who said they were recruited to the U.S. on false pretenses urged a Georgia federal court not to toss racketeering claims against Kia.

  • 'Unnecessary and Unwarranted’: Fulton County Judge Finds Lin Wood in Violation of Injunction Order

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  • Lin Wood Fined $5K Over Comments About Ex-Colleagues

    Prominent defamation attorney L. Lin Wood was held in contempt and fined $5,000 Thursday by a Georgia judge.

  • Pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Lin Wood slapped with criminal contempt fines for ‘flagrant’ violation of ‘gag order’

    Attorney Lin Wood, one of the most visible conspiracy theorists behind efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, has been found in contempt for violating an order keeping him from disparaging his former law partners.

  • Lin Wood, Ex-Colleagues Seek Conflicting Defamation Rulings

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  • Mexican Engineer Says RICO Work Visa Row On Solid Ground

    A Mexican engineer urged a Georgia federal judge not to toss his class action over allegations. Read on for more.

  • Engineers Recruited by Carmakers End Up on the Assembly Line

    Mexican nationals recruited to work white-collar jobs at Hyundai and Kia plants in Georgia instead ended up on the factory floor, lawsuit alleges. Read on for more. 

  • EEOC Transgender Bias Lawsuit Bolsters Agency Enforcement Plan

    The EEOC has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a transgender plaintiff for the first time in six years in a move that appears to back up its commitment to helping what it considers vulnerable workers. Read on for more.

  • Anxiety, PTSD Drive Rise in Mental Health Employment Bias Claims

    An increasing number of workers are accusing their employers of discriminating against them based on their mental health conditions, a change fueled largely by rising numbers of bias charges based on anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the EEOC. Read on for more.

  • Lin Wood’s Ex-Colleagues Sue Him for Defamation, Claim They Received Death Threats

    Three of pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood’s former law partners sued him in federal court on Thursday, claiming that they received a physical threats after he smeared them as “deep state” extortionists on his more than 800,000-follower strong Telegram account. Read on for more.

  • Staffing Co. Wants Mexican Citizens' RICO Claims Thrown Out

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  • Former Hall & Lampros, Buckley Beal Attys Start Atlanta Firm

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  • ‘Getting the Band Back Together’: Drew Beal Opens Practice Focused on Civil Rights, Employment, Daily Report, Feb. 13, 2023

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  • Beal Sutherland Berlin & Brown Partners Receive 2023 Super Lawyer Rating

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  • 'Not A First Amendment Principle': Georgia Supreme Court Denies Cert in Former Law Partners' Breach-of-Contract Case

    Can a trial court can enter an interlocutory injunction against a party to enforce a nondisparagement clause? Read on for more.

  • 'It's everywhere' | Atlanta faith leaders respond to recent string of youth violence

    Faith leaders across Atlanta are stepping up their efforts to combat the recent senseless killing of teenagers and violence across the city. Read on for more.

  • Fired for Being Gay? Ex-Court Employee Gets $825k to Settle Employment Lawsuit

    The Clayton County Board of Commissioners has approved an $825,000 settlement for a former Georgia juvenile court employee who alleged he’d been fired for being gay.

  • Mexican Worker Says Hyundai Misled Him About Tech Job

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  • Years after acquittal, Clayton Sheriff Victor Hill back on trial Wednesday

    Nine years ago, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill appeared before a jury in state court on 32 felony charges, including racketeering, theft by taking, making false statements and violating his oath of office. Read on for more.

  • Walmart Pregnancy Accommodation Ruling Puts Pressure on Congress

    A recent Seventh Circuit decision upholding a Walmart distribution center’s temporary light duty policy that excludes pregnant workers is creating urgency for the Senate to pass bipartisan legislation that would require such accommodations. Read on for more.

  • Abortion-Related Workplace Discrimination Still Banned Post-Roe

    Pregnancy discrimination laws will continue to protect employees from reproductive health-related discrimination and harassment in the workplace even after the US Supreme Court eliminated abortion rights on the federal level. Read on for more.

  • Ex-Rincon police officer sues department, alleges boss racially discriminated against him

    A former Rincon police officer says he was fired not because of his performance, but his race. Read on for more.

  • Drew Beal Named a Best Mentor

    Although there may be some who thrive in a sink-or-swim environment, others succeed when they are regularly exposed to exemplary lawyering and have someone they trust to patiently answer the litany of questions that drive the practice of law. Read on for more.

  • Atlanta City Council works to curb 'commercial harassment' calls

    Authorities are getting many complaints about suspicious real estate calls. Atlanta city officials and more share what you can do when you fall victim to a spam risk. Read on for more.

  • Jewish Ex-Employee Sues Retirement Home, Claiming Bias

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  • Personal Injury Firm Failed To Pay Paralegals OT

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  • Hall & Lampros Nabs “Mastermind” of High Court LGBTQ Case

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  • • $1 Million Dollar Settlement In Federal Sexual Harassment Suit Against Police Department And Police Chief In South Georgia

    Hall & Lampros, LLP, the Atlanta personal injury and employment law firm, has negotiated a $1 million settlement agreement against Jesup Police Chief William Michael “Mike” Lane of the Jesup Police Department for sexual harassment. Read on for more.

  • Point University embroiled in Title IX lawsuit

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  • Point University fumbled sexual harassment investigation, lawsuit says
  • Greyhound Inks Deal Ending Border Agent Bus Sweep Suit

    Point University mishandled a graduate student’s sexual harassment and sexual assault claim filed against an assistant coach, according to a lawsuit recently filed against the West Georgia school. Read on for more.

  • Walmart Sued Over Cashiered Cashier's ADA Discrimination Claims

    The former Walmart cashier said she was fired after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and requesting that a stool be available in case her legs became weak or unsteady. Read on for more.

  • ER doctor files discrimination lawsuit against Doctors Hospital

    A former emergency physician at Doctors Hospital has filed a federal sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit. Read on for more.

  • Georgia police chief ousted after repeatedly being accused of sexual misconduct

    Jesup city authorities announced the firing of Police Chief Mike Lane, who has been accused of sexual harassment and assault, on Thursday after beginning the process earlier this month. Read on for more. 

  • Women Sue Georgia Police Chief Alleging Sexual Misconduct

    A city in southeastern Georgia is seeking to remove its police chief after three women who resigned from the department sued, alleging he sexually assaulted and harassed them. Read on for more.

  • Women Say Ga. City Ignored Harassment By Police Chief

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  • Migrant Workers Seek Class Status In Suit Over Ga. Housing

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  • Home Care Co. Settles EEOC Suit Over Telework Denial

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  • Bostock Says Judge Was Trash-Talking After High Court Win

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  • Lawsuit claims 75-year-old DeKalb hospital employee was fired due to age

    A recently filed lawsuit claims a DeKalb County hospital employee was discriminated against because of her age and was ultimately fired for refusing to retire. Read on for more.

  • Former 911 operator accuses Smyrna cop of sexual harassment

    A former Smyrna 911 operator has filed a lawsuit against the city’s police chief and a lieutenant charging she was sexually harassed on the job and retaliated against after she reported her supervisor for the harassment. Read on for more.

  • Buckley Beal Team Represents Fired Mental Health Court Officer Suing Troup County for Discrimination

    The former coordinator for the Troup County Mental Health Court has sued the county, county manager and court services director over claims she was targeted for harassment and ultimately dismissal because of her race and in retaliation for requesting time off to care for her premature baby. Read on for more.

  • Bid to Halt Health Discrimination Rule Draws Judge’s Scrutiny

    A federal judge on Friday questioned whether Washington state will be harmed if the court fails to block portions of a Trump administration rule that wipes out anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people. Read on for more.

  • Garcia-Robelo et al v. Precision 2000, Inc. et al

    On 07/08/2020 Garcia-Robelo filed a Civil Right - Employment Discrimination lawsuit against Precision 2000, Inc. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, Georgia Northern District Court. The Judges overseeing this case are Michael L. Brown and John K. Larkins, III. Read on for more.

  • In Georgia Case, High Court Holds LGBT Employees Are Protected by Sex Discrimination Law

    The decision stems from Clayton County's firing of Gerald Bostock as a child welfare services coordinator, which he said was based on his supervisors' discovery that he was gay. Read on for more.

  • Atlanta Firm Advocating for LGBT Protections | Rare Intervention Grant | Verrilli Leads for Sandy Hook Victims | Big Law Arbitra

    The US Supreme Court today is hearing a major test of the scope of LGBT protections under Title VII. Here's the role a small firm in Atlanta played. Read on for more.

  • Gerald Bostock has his Day in Court

    Terminated employee now the face of the gay rights movement. Read on for more. 

  • LGBTQ Rights and Workplace Discrimination

    The National Press Club hosted a discussion with Gerald Lynn Bostock, a gay man who was fired from his job as a child welfare services coordinator. Mr. Bostock is the plaintiff in Bostock v. Clayton County, GA, a case being heard by the Supreme Court. Read on for more

  • Georgia man who says he was fired for being gay takes case to U.S. Supreme Court

    A local man who says he was fired from his job because he is gay will take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday. Read on for more.

  • The Supreme Court Will Judge Employers' Shady Excuses for Firing LGBTQ People

    Three major cases headed to the Supreme Court tomorrow could finally make it illegal to discriminate against LGBTQ people in all 50 states. Read more here.

  • LGBT workers head to Supreme Court for blockbuster discrimination cases: ‘I’ll be that person to stand up’

    The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday in a set of cases that could determine whether millions of LGBT workers are protected under the nation’s most powerful federal workplace anti-discrimination law. Read on for more.

  • Fired After Joining a Gay Softball Team, This Man Is Fighting Back

    Gerald Bostock's case is one of three the high court will hear Tuesday on whether anti-LGBTQ discrimination is legal. Read on for more.

  • Supreme Court to decide whether employers can legally fire workers because they're LGBTQ

    Lower federal courts are divided on whether existing federal civil rights law bars employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. Read on for more.

  • Georgia man brings gay rights case to U.S. Supreme Court

    Over the past two decades, gays and lesbians have won enormous U.S. Supreme Court victories that pulled the LGBTQ community ever closer to legal equality. Read on for more.

  • Gerald Bostock Was Fired. He Wants His Supreme Court Case to Help Change LGBTQ Rights in America.

    Gerald Bostock’s is one of the landmark LGBTQ discrimination cases SCOTUS will soon hear. He tells Tim Teeman he wants to “ensure nobody goes to work in fear of losing their job.” Read on for more.

  • LGBTQ Workers Tell High Court Title VII Protects Them

    Read on for more.

  • 11th Circuit Case Is in the Scotus Mix on LGBT Workplace Discrimination

    An employment discrimination case from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit is in the mix for review in the next term when the U.S. Supreme Court considers LGBT rights. Read on for more.

  • Ex-Grocery Store Employee Alleges Workplace Sexual Harassment

    In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Gaines has accused her former employer—All American Quality Foods Inc., doing business as Food Depot—of providing a sexually hostile work environment in violation of Title VII. The company says it's just not true, and plans to fight the charges in court. Read on for more.

  • Ramirez’s defense team ponders next step after appeal denied

    In a lengthy and frequently contentious appeal hearing Thursday, Jose Ramirez’s Jan. 16 termination from the Rincon Police Department was upheld by a panel appointed by the Rincon City Council. Read on for more.

  • 11th Circuit Eases Standard Used by Employees to Make Preliminary Case for Bias, But Splits on Timing of Analysis

    A split Eleventh Circuit on Thursday eased the standard it uses to determine whether workers are "similarly situated" when plaintiffs must make a prima facie case that they were subjected to discriminatory treatment. Read on for more.

  • Attorney: Lies smeared Ramirez’s reputation

    Rachel Berlin Benjamin, of Buckley Beal LLP in Atlanta, said the new Police Chief Mark Gerbino came into the job wanting to fire Jose Ramirez and came up with reasons to do so.

  • Attorney challenges Gerbino's assertions
  • Fired Banks County 911 Operator Awarded $622K for ADA, FMLA Claims

    A federal judge this week entered a judgment for more than $622,000, including more than $360,000 in legal fees and expenses, for a former Banks County 911 dispatcher who a jury found was fired in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read on for more.

  • Georgia Law Limited Interpreters at the Polls, New Election Lawsuit Alleges

    When 65-year-old Jin Kwon went to vote on Nov. 6, he asked interpreters with an Asian-American civil rights group to help him and his wife read the ballots they intended to cast. Georgia law, however, imposes greater restrictions on the use of interpreters in state and local elections. Read on for more.

  • Buford school board apologizes over slurs in tape

    After complaints from parents and others at Monday's packed Buford City school board meeting about a lack of transparency, accountability and communication over the former superintendent's alleged use of a racial slur, the board apologized on Wednesday. Read on for more.

  • SCOTUS Asked to Ignore Circuit Split on Sexual Orientation Discrimination

    Freeman Mathis & Gary attorneys defending Clayton County, Georgia, in a discrimination fight over sexual orientation say the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit got it right in a finding that discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation is not prohibited under federal law. Read on for more.

  • Appeals court again rules gays, lesbians not a protected class

    The federal appeals court in Atlanta has once again decided that gays and lesbians are not protected under federal discrimination laws because of their sexual orientation. Read on for more.

  • Full 11th Circuit Declines to Take Up LGBT Workplace Protection Case

    The question before the court was whether protections ensured by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 extend to sexual orientation, in addition to race, national origin, religion and sex. Read on for more. 

  • 11th Circ. Draws Judge's Ire With En Banc Review Refusal

    Read on for more.

  • Eleventh Circuit Case Asks SCOTUS for LGBT Protection in the Workplace

    An Eleventh Circuit case figures prominently in a new push in the U.S. Supreme Court to end discrimination against gay workers. Read on for more.

  • Court Rejects Georgia Officials’ Efforts To Block Voting Rights Lawsuit

    A federal district court judge in Georgia agreed that a coalition of plaintiffs representing minority communities has the right to claim the method of electing local officials in Gwinnett County, Georgia denies them from participating equally in electing local officials. Read on for more.

  • Minority Groups Sue Gwinnett County, Allege Voting Rights Violations

    Lawyers' Committee is teaming up with the NAACP and a Latino group to challenge voting procedures for the county commission and school board. Read on for more.

  • Lawyers’ Committee Files Major Lawsuit Against Gwinnett County, Georgia Alleging Violation of the Voting Rights Act

    Lawsuit Seeks to Defend Rights of African-Americans, Latinos and Other Minorities Who Represent Half of County’s Population but Have Never Been Elected to Key Positions in County’s History. Read on for more.

  • PTC settles with former cop for $300,000

    It was in the summer of 2015 that former Peachtree City cop Shane Ficalore maintained that the city under former Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark violated his rights and retaliated against him. The Peachtree City Council on July 21 agreed to a $300,000 settlement of the claim. Read on for more.

  • Jury Finds WellStar ‘Willfully Violated’ Age Bias Law, Awards $374K

    Shortly before a federal jury in Atlanta decided that Marietta-based WellStar Health System had terminated a longtime employee because of her age, jurors had a question for the judge: "Can we award the plaintiff with more money than what was requested?"

  • Attorney Rachel Berlin Benjamin talks to WSB-TV about her Client an Atlanta Police Officer’s Discrimination Case

    A local police officer says he hasn't worked in five months because of his beard and the department’s strict dress code policy.

  • Interview on the Monica Pearson Radio Show

    Listen to the full interview below,

  • Panel Revives ADA Suit By School Bus Driver Who Said She Needed Air Conditioning

    As Georgia kids head back to school in muggy, 90-degree weather, an Atlanta-based federal appeals court has revived a school bus driver's lawsuit that claims Clayton County school officials violated federal law by not giving her an air-conditioned bus.

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